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AMG Auto Glass- the car windscreen specialist with over 2000 designs to offer the clients. Our specialty lies in providing you high-quality glasses and their installation. We also offer repair and replacement of the glass. Are you looking for a cracked glass fix? AMG Auto Glass will be there for you.

Your Trusted Car Windscreen Specialist

AMG Auto Glass Sdn Bhd

We are AMG Auto Glass SDN BHD, the car windscreen specialist. The windscreen is the most significant component of a vehicle, and so it needs superior care. But a stormy night outdoors and your car windscreen might get a dent or more than just a simple scratch. Depending on the dent’s depth or scratch, we will recommend you the options available for your car. As a windshield specialist, we discourage you from driving around with chipped glass or a broken windshield. Our experts will take care of these for you and suggest the best fixes.


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Affordable Solutions for Your Windshield Repair

As a car owner, you may be cautious about it. If this is your first car, you may be even more particular about the way you care for it. Still, its windshield might get a scratch as you drive through a busy street or through a ferocious storm. What do you do then? If your car is covered under auto insurance, then don’t worry. But if not, this is a wake-up call for you to get one for your vehicle immediately. Alternatively, you may opt for the windshield specialist to take care of fixing the windscreen at affordable rates.

Our Services

AMG Auto Glass Sdn Bhd is known for its range of windscreen examination, repair, and replacement services. We have built a tremendous reputation in the market with our affordable and timely help. Our experts understand the problem and see how to cover it or replace it if everything else fails efficiently.

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Windscreen Repair & Replacement

Windscreen repair and replacement are available for all cars of cars, and hence, you are at the right place. We offer door glass, door rubber, and even the installation for a fleet of cars at a time. It makes us the top choice by car owners around Klang Valley.

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Car Window Repair & Replacement

Car windshield is prone to getting a crack when the weather is bad or when you drive through a rough, windy day. If your car’s windshield has developed even a minor crack, do not leave it without us at AMG Auto Glass checking it. This way, you could save yourself and your family from any potential hazards

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Windscreen Insurance Claims

We offer you easy ways to claim for your windscreen insurance, so people in Malaysia approach us. Our consultants will help you get the best insurance policies with significant insurance firms like AIG, AXA, and others. You pick the plan for your vehicle and make a claim through us.

Hassle-free Repair by the Experts

At AMG Auto Glass Sdn Bhd, we have a team of windscreen specialists on board at all times to help you. If your vehicle has over 6” of cracks or line cracks obstructing your vision as you drive, we are here for you. Glass cracks and deepens more with time. So, we would not recommend you to ignore the same. We have the advanced tools and technology to repair or replace the glass with utmost care for your vehicle. Now, say no to waiting time for your car windscreen replacement! We will take a few minutes to replace the cracked windscreen of the cars.