About Us

AMG Auto Glass is the one-stop destination for getting superior windscreen repair and replacement.

AMG Auto Glass Sdn Bhd

AMG Auto Glass Sdn Bhd is a specialist car windscreen repair and replacement company. We came up as a brand to help fix the broken and chipped windscreen of cars in Malaysia. Our know-how in this field is unparalleled because of the number of years of experience today. Whether it is the job of repairing cracks or dents or complete replacement of the windscreen, our specialists do it perfectly. We will suggest replacement only when we find it necessary. We have partnered with the best insurance firms and can present you with options to insure your car. 

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Auto Glass Insurance Claims

We understand the rising cost of automobile parts around the world. So, the best solution for you lies in getting the most valuable insurance policies for the same. We will also help you go for claims as you opt for repairs or replacement of the windscreen in the future.


Claim Insuran Cermin Kereta

Anda sedang mencari kedai tukar cermin kereta di Kota Damansara yang boleh berurusan dengan panel insurans anda? AMG Auto Glass merupakan pilihan terbaik untuk anda. Kami bekerjasama dengan hampir semua panel insurans. Anda boleh claim insuran cermin kereta dengan hanya membawa 4 dokumen penting ke AMG Auto Glass (bagi kereta persendirian). Kemudian, kami akan menguruskan proses yang selebihnya. Pemilik kereta hanya perlu menunggu kerja pembaikan cermin kereta selesai. Hubungi AMG Auto Glass untuk mendapat maklumat lanjut mengenai claim insuran cermin kereta anda! Berikut adalah dokumen yang perlu dibawa untuk claim insuran cermin kereta persendirian:

  • Kad Pengenalan Pemandu
  • Lesen Pemandu
  • Polisi Insurans atau Nota Pelindungan
  • Geran Kereta

Why Choose Us

AMG Auto Glass Sdn Bhd has been a firm working with businesses and corporate majors. Our long list of insurance partners speaks volumes of how cautious we are towards our clients. Our expert hands are great at fixing broken or cracked glass or replacing them in the shortest possible time.


Competitive Pricing

Many car windscreen repair specialists exist in the business, but AMG Auto Glass promises to give you the best and the most competitive price ever. Our charges for repair service are by far the most reasonable and hence, we are sure to win your hearts.


Onsite Service

Whether you want us to do the servicing at our place or yours, we shall do it right for you. Our experts have their tool kits to carry to your site. If there is a need to repair more than one car, or if there is no one to drive over to us, let us know.


High-Quality Service

We deal only with the windscreen glass from top brands, and our servicing or repairing is top-notch. Industry experts have hailed us and our efforts. We are consistently good at repairing even the minutest cracks and breaks. Talk to our consultants and know-how we shall be able to repair and replace.

Our Past Works

AMG Auto Glass has been around for years and has repaired several thousands of cars. We have worked on the fleet of cars of personal and professional use. It makes us the top choice by all our clients to seek us if they ever need us to repair or replace.

Auto Glass Repair & Replacement

Pakar Cermin Kereta

AMG Auto Glass adalah kedai pakar cermin kereta yang beroperasi di Kota Damansara. Kami pakar dalam bidang baiki dan tukar cermin kereta, pemasangan cermin gelap, dan banyak lagi servis berkaitan cermin kereta. Inventori kami memiliki lebih 2,000 jenis cermin hadapan kereta bagi memudahkan serta mempercepatkan proses pemasangan cermin kereta anda. Keliru sama ada cermin anda hanya perlu dibaiki atau ditukar baru? Hubungi kami untuk mendapat keterangan lanjut. Dengan pengalaman bertahun-tahun dalam bidang baiki cermin kereta, AMG Auto Glass adalah pilihan utama anda. Lawati kedai baiki cermin kereta kami yang terletak di Seksyen 3 Kota Damansara bagi mendapatkan servis terbaik untuk cermin kereta anda.