Windscreen Insurance Claims

Are you worried about the expense of the car windscreen repair? Let us guide you through the insurance claim process.

Windscreen Insurance Panel

Does your vehicle also cover the windscreen? We can help you in making the free windscreen claim. All you would need to do is to get all the valid documents for the same. We aim to cover all the expenses under the Comprehensive Motor Policy. Don’t worry about the rising cost of repairing or replacing the windscreen. The insurance claims are easy to make, and you will be able to avail them by following the steps we show you. You may pick from the best windscreen panels:

  • AIG Windscreen Panel
  • AXA Windscreen Panel
  • Etiqa Windscreen Panel
  • Liberty Windscreen Panel
  • Lonpac Windscreen Panel
  • MPI Generali Windscreen Panel
  • RHB Windscreen panel
  • Zurich General Windscreen Panel
  • Zurich General Takaful Windscreen Panel
  • and more…

Insurance Claim Guide

At AMG Auto Glass, we offer detailed guidance on how you will make the insurance claim. Many people may not have insurance coverage for repairing or replacement. If you are unsure on whether your existing Comprehensive Motor Policy has this coverage or not, follow these steps:

Private Car (Kereta Pensendirian)

  1. IC and Driving License (Kad Identiti dan Lesen Pemandu)
  2. Cover Note or Insurance Policy (Nota Pelindungan atau Polisi Insuran)
  3. Vehicle Registration Card (Geran Kereta)

Commercial Car (Kereta Syarikat)

  1. IC dan Driving License (Kad Identiti dan Lesen Pemandu)
  2. Cover Note or Insurance Policy (Nota Pelindungan atau Polisi Insuran)
  3. Vehicle Registration Card (Geran Kereta)
  4. Borang 9, 13, 49 (either one, front pages only)
  5. Company Chop (Cop Syarikat)

Our Insurance Panel

AIG Windscreen Panel

AMG Auto Glass is one of the few workshops that are an AIG windscreen panel in Selangor with on-site and door-to-door windscreen replacement services. We will require you to complete a claim form that needs to be furnished with your car insurance policy, a copy of your identification card and vehicle registration card.

AXA Windscreen Panel

For AXA auto insurance holders, we will require you to furnish us with a copy of your vehicle registration and identification card along with a completed insurance form. We will then follow up with our AXA windscreen panel representative to determine the value of your windscreen claim.

Etiqa Windscreen Panel

Etiqa auto insurance holders will be pleased to know that AMG auto glass is one of many authorised and trusted workshops that provide windscreen replacement and repair services. As an Etiqa windscreen panel, we provide on-site services as well as door-to-door services for our clients.

Liberty Insurance Windscreen Panel

Windscreen damage is included in a comprehensive Liberty insurance policy. Our windscreen specialists will first determine the extent of your damage prior to liaising with our Liberty insurance windscreen panel representative to offer the best solution. Whether it is windscreen replacement or repair services, we will ensure it is in line with your registered policy.

Lonpac Windscreen Panel

As one of the few authorised Lonpac windscreen panel workshops in Selangor, we ensure that our windscreen replacement and repair services adhere to your auto insurance policy. If coming to our workshop is not an option, then worry not, as AMG auto glass also offers door-to-door services to ensure a convenient service.

MPI Generali Windscreen Panel

If you require windscreen replacements or repair services and you hold an MPI Generali motor insurance, AMG auto glass is a proud MPI Generali windscreen panel workshop. Prior to initiating any services, we will determine the extent of your damage and cross-check it with your windscreen claim policy to ensure we provide the best solution.

RHB Insurance Windscreen Panel

Are you an RHB motor insurance holder? Luckily, AMG auto glass is one of the few workshops that is registered as an authorised RHB insurance windscreen panel in Selangor. Upon completing our claims form, we will offer the best service that is in accordance with your windscreen insurance policy.

Zurich General Windscreen Panel

AMG auto glass is authorised and trusted Zurich General windscreen panel workshop in Selangor. Whether you need on-site windscreen replacement or repair services or prefer door-to-door services, our specialists will ensure that the service we offer is as per your windscreen policy.

Car Windscreen Insurance Claims

Get Your Car Windscreen Insurance Claims

Car windscreen insurance claims are now effortless because you will have to follow us. We have teams to guide you once you bring the documents to us. We are there to inspect the documents and do all the paperwork for you. We shall also verify the vehicle if you get it to our facility. AMG Auto Glass will complete the insurance claim in just 1 to 2 hours without any pre-payment. We have the claims account relationship management at your service. Whether you want us to take these documents from your home or the office, we shall do it as well.